The Dudes

Ask your questions and answers will be given.

We bring back comedy to dancehall.

Since august 2012 BADDAS RADIO features “The Dudes” inside the show. “The Dudes” are different characters from all over the world. They will give you their views, on what ever comes to their or your minds. Starting the segment you can ask them questions about – just about anything you like – from politricks to music from religion to sex – answers will be given inside the show.

We are glad to not only give you some previews of the first 3 dudes but also to have 3 strong partners who present one of the dudes each:

Germaica Digital (General Matumbu)


Urban Tree Music (Ramjid Respect)


and Raggakings (Dmitrii) 



Ask your questions in the comment section below or on the facebook pages of our partners.

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