Baddas Podcast #005

October 2012


This month it is all about the ladies.

Podcast #005 is loaded with the baddest in female dancehall. It’s 60 minutes with tunes sung by women only. Joining us by phone – the b-a-d-d-e-s-t Tifa gives us her view on female dancehall. BADDAS News brings you the latest infos straight from the isle and Prince Zimboo is giving his very own perspective on females in his “WORDS OF WISDOM”.

BADDAS TOP 5 this month is about the 5 baddest female dancehall tracks of all time. By the way we would like to know what’s personal your female dancehall Top5 – post ‘em over at BADDAS Facebook. Don’t forget to check BADDAS-RADIO.COM for ou latest news and podcasts.

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